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* Payment Plans available Contact us for more information 

12 Weeks done right!

Exercise is King. Nutrition is Queen.

Put them together and you have a kingdom

                                                Jack Lalanne

Based on our years of experience in helping hundreds of women, we have developed a program like no other.

Combining exercise, nutrition, detox and TLC.

  • 9 HIIT rebound sessions to choose per week (group Class)

  • Glute and core activation

  • Stretch and mobility

  • Lymphatic Drain massage

  • mentoring & Coaching

  • Meal planning

  • Nutritionist

  • IV infusions

  • Detox

  • Online class access (rebounder included for the duration of the program*)

  • 3 x PT sessions in State of the Art Gym

  • Full Body scan

  • Regular check-ins and nutrition adjustment

  • Sports duffle bag, drink bottle, towel + a few more surprises 

  • Blood tests are required before the beginning of the program

*Bond required for take-home rebounder

12 weeks in 3 parts: 
1. Conditioning - Weeks 1-4
2. Power - Weeks 5-8
3. Limitless - Weeks 9-12

12 Week Power-up plan
Starts 18th September


1 week before we start.

We welcome you into the group. This week is to prime and prepare your body for the next 12 weeks. We will help you understand how to better train and eat to achieve and sustain your goals.

You will be putting demands on your body, we will help you prepare.

In this week you will:

  • Meet your team, 

  • 1st check-in and "before" photos​

  • Meet your coaches and mentors​

  • Receive your first IV infusion

  • Receive a detox pack

  • Receive your Duffle bag, water bottle, & towel.

  • Get your meal plans,

  • Understand what your blood reveals

  • Get a feel for the classes

  • We will also be assessing your bloods

Juice Bottles

WEEKS 5 - 8

In these 4 weeks, we help you turn up the intensity. You will feel the improved mobility and increased stamina of your body as your fitness levels increase.

In these 4 weeks you can expect:

  • HIIT classes increased intensity

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • IV infusion top-up

  • Stretch and mobility session

  • 3rd Check-in and scan

  • Meal plans adjusted with our nutritionist to keep up with your changing body.

Women Stretching


  • Premium Fitness Apparel

  • Luxurious fitness Towels

  • Sip in style with our sleek water bottles

  • Fitness Tracker: Stay connected to your progress with a fitness tracker, monitoring your performance and milestones.

  • Sleek Sports Duffle Bag: Organise your fitness gear in style with our spacious sports duffle bag.

Sport Essentials

WEEKS 1- 4

In these 4 weeks we condition your body. We help you endure the challenge and teach you how to settle into your new pace.

You can expect:

  • HIIT rebound classes. Increased Intensity

  • Full stretch and mobility session​

  • 2nd Check-in and scan

  • Meal plans adjustment with our nutritionist

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • On-line class access

  • At home training programs


WEEKS 9 - 12

In these last 4 weeks of the program, we encourage you to push past your limits. Mentoring and coaching you every step of the way. Your body and fitness are well and truly changed. You will finally see what your body is capable of.

You can expect:

  • HIIT rebound classes. Increased intensity

  • Mentoring & Coaching

  • Stretch and mobility session

  • Check-in 4 and fitness report.

  • Updated blood tests

  • Progress "after" photos​

  • Program close: 10th of December​

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Our team of mentors and coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals through our high-energy Group rebound class.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will work with you to ensure that you stay focused and motivated while encouraging and inspiring you to reach your potential. With our supportive and nurturing environment, we will help you stay on track and push you to take your fitness to the next level.


9 classes a week to choose from.
State of the Art facilities. 
Allied health and sports medicine professionals 


No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

* Payment Plans available contact us for more information 

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